Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Some days are uneventful (Commentary)

Some days are just blah, blah, blah... This is one of them. I must finish a paper for school, plus I have to study for a test. It's not so much that the day is uneventful, maybe the problem is that the events which have filled the day are not meaningful to make it an 'eventful' day. Then, I ask myself: from where am I going to get the will to do this, to study for these tests and write a 12 page paper? Where can I find motivation? In days like this, one can't help but to look at old pictures. Pictures of places that one has been to and happy in. Places in which one felt free, happy, relaxed and faraway from here. Places in which one did as one pleased and the words 'have to' or 'must do' were of no importance. In days like this one, one can't help but wish one were somewhere else, living some other day. Then, again, one wakes up and realizes one only has the here and nowhere else.


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