Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The letter I wrote to my best friend Yanelis for her wedding

I wish the two of you overcome your fights. No matter how selfish and petty they end up being most of the time. I wish you to move on and forget. I want you to go on living with little regrets.
I wish you to be happy and when you are not, as I’m sure you’ll be plenty of times, I wish you learn to wait, learn from it and let it pass.
I wish you find time to travel, to escape and fly. I wish you two to travel to Florence, Paris, Venice and Spain. Just try to do it, don’t postpone it and I go. I know those are some of your dreams and everything shouldn’t be work.
I wish God blesses you with healthy kids, maybe one or two or maybe lots of offspring. I wish for them to be healthy, happy, loved, well raised. I also wish for them to be good-hearted like Grosvin and you, but not as quiet as the two of you.
And after you have kids, I wish you two remain more lovers than friends. I wish you then that you still hold hands, cuddle, kiss and have fun.
I wish you two keep on fighting and maintaining your flame alive. I wish you two keep the passion evolving and fun. I wish you to accept the changes the time will bring to your love.
I wish you learn how to deal with work, maternity and daily life; yet, find time to sit alone side by side, watch sunsets, dine quietly and taste a glass of wine.
For now, I wish you that your wedding on Sunday comes out nice. I wish you enjoy yourself and the company of good, old friends. I wish you dance and drink for a change. I wish you celebrate your love. At the end of the day, celebrating your love is what your wedding day is for.


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