Saturday, July 04, 2009

"Miami is the capital of theology and literature" said a "gringo" friend of ours from Maryland yesterday. That's an interesting perspective! I exclaimed. He was paradoxically eating in Lincoln Road, seeing semi naked women with fake boobs and muscular gay men passing by, as described by the same source, while he was discussing God's multiple manifestations and Proust's books with two Cuban friends of mine. It was then when this native of Maryland stated that people think Miami is just South beach, parties, drinks and clubs, but that's just the surface. He said that every time he comes to Miami he finds himself talking about theology and literature to old and new friends. "Everybody is very much into literature and reading down here. Unfairly, this is believed to be a party city when in reality, I've noticed that all the Spanish people I meet down here, are all very much into the arts and literature". Based on his experiences of Miami, this guy who lives in a 60,000 people town in Maryland and doesn't like the women he meets over there according to him because "they don't read. I have nothing to talk to them about. They don't watch movies. I actually don't know what is it that they do?" concluded that: "Miami is the capital of theology and literature". Talk about an interesting perspective!


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