Monday, June 22, 2009

Men & Parking Spaces

I was driving to school on today's rainy, June afternoon. As usual, I was running late for class and so desperate to get there, I almost took one of the parking spaces all the way in the back of the lot, thinking I wasn't going to find a better space at that time. Then, I thought again and decided to park closer to the building to avoid getting wet for walking under the rain, which just at that moment started pouring.
"Just for trying, what would I lose?" I asked myself. If I don't find a good parking space on the front, I can always come park in the back. Sure enough, I found a parking space in the front row, a whole block closer to the building than I was going to park initially. When I collected my books and walked out of the car, I remembered one of my friends saying: "Good men are like parking spaces. There are only a few and the best ones are already taken."
I concluded that just like my parking hunt, it's always worth to take a risk and go look for the man you want and dream of, because the feeling of realizing later on that such a man existed and you settled for less, must be unbereable.


Blogger Dakotah Rod said...

totally agree...hahahahaha

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