Friday, July 18, 2008

My Review of The Kite Runner

I bought The Kite Runner at the Harvard bookstore on my trip to Boston. I wanted to bring a souvenir from my vacation and decided to go for it. I also wanted to buy something at Harvard; if I must say the truth, so I picked the book I saw people reading at parks and libraries. I made a good choice; I read it in two days and loved it. I must confess I skipped through some pages, because they seemed too strong and graphic for me, but that was just me, I wouldn’t rate it triple XXX, either. I still think it’s a great book and have highly recommended it to all my friends. If you love learning about history through literature, like I do, this novel will give you a glimpse of how Afghanistan was before and after the Taliban invasion. The story, as told through the eyes of an exile Afghan in the U.S., narrates his childhood memories of the country and has the power to easily bring tears to your eyes. It sure did to mine. It was fun to meet Amir’s Dad, an Arab who drank alcohol and smoked cigars. He broke my parameters of what an Arab would sound and act like. His character showed me that just like Catholics, not all Muslims follow their religion’s rules, neither they’re strict and obsessed about it. Amir’s Dad tells his son not to believe in the long bearded men who are praying all the time, ‘cause they’re not really doing any good to and for the people. He's different. He believes that people should be measure by their actions, not their religions, or principles. At the end, their actions will reveal more about them than any political, or theological ideology. I loved the book. I learned from it. At least now I know more of Kabul. To me learning from a good read is what matters.


Blogger g said...

So glad to know the book is good through someone whose judgment I trust.
I saw the film -yes, I tend to fall for the movie first- and found it very inspiring, very moving.

I should read the book now.

8:51 AM  
Blogger Arlena said...

I'm happy you are reading my blog. To me you're a great writer and that inspires me to go on writing.

7:53 PM  

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