Sunday, May 10, 2009

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

If it’s true that our souls reincarnate in different bodies and live through different periods in time, I’m sure I lived in the 14-1500s, for I’m infinitely enchanted by everything fro that period. That’s why; I try to watch all movies that have to do with that time.
Elizabeth, the Golden Age, is the latest movie I’ve watched on it. It starts on the year 1585, when Spain was the most powerful empire of the world and England, the only Protestant country that stood against it. Mary Stuart, also known as Mary Queen of Scots, was spoken of as the queen of England in waiting. Elizabeth reigned from the throne, but her power was endangered.
I love the dialogue from the film. One of my favorite parts is when the queen is speaking to the pirate, who asks for her support to sail to the New World, and falls in love with the sea and vastness he describes, to which she adds:
“Do we discover the New World, or does the New World discover us?”
After watching this movie, I think the phrase “I have given England my life. Must she also have my soul?” probably did come from Elizabeth and not just the movie script. The way Elizabeth’s life turned out is just fascinating. Neither she, nor anybody, could have predicted that the three year old girl whose father ordered her mother to be beheaded, would reigned England for 44 years, and be considered a leader so successful that the period of her reign would later be known as the Elizabethan era. I mean, Henry VIII might have been happier if he would have known that he didn’t need to bare a son to ensure the Tudor succession to the throne. Elizabeth did more than fine, as showed in the movie. I think even historians who think Elizabeth wasn't that fantastic and she just got a generous share of luck would agree with me when I say that she was a better sovereign than her father.


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