Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Review of Revolutionary Road

"You are just a boy that made me laugh at a party once and now I loathe the sight of you, and if you come any closer, I think I'll scream" April told her husband and father of her two children.

Did I like the movie? I didn't like the feeling I was left with after it finished, but remembering Borges and his short story, The Aleph, I'm pretty sure it was because I didn't want their story to be a considered real, true, factual. When in fact, it could perfectly be. I didn't and wish not to acknowledge the fact that their circumstances could actually happen and are even likely to be happening to many. The truth is, that my wishes won't change the movie, its message, or the reality that inspired it. I consider it o be a reality that many people have gone and are going through their lives like April's neighbors, pretending to be fine and happy with how they live, bored and settled. I agreed with the blog, which stated that the film shined "an incisive light on materialism and modern American values". I am sure a lot of people could identify with the situation the young couple from the film found themselves into. It doesn't matter if you were young, old, or even an unmarried couples, with hidden fears to end up overwhelmed by the have tos, the spiteful, necessary job to maintain the house, that epitamy of the American dream, and children.

This movie made me reflect on humans' conditions, especially those brought onto themselves, and emotions, as well. 1-We, humans, can feel miserable after achieving what we thought would make us happy. 2-Couples, just like the one in the movie,


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